He aha te mea nui? He tangata. He tangata. He tangata.
What is the most important thing? It is people. It is people. It is people.

"There is a purpose to your life. You were born to fulfill that purpose in a way that no one else can. You bring to life talents, gifts and experiences like no other. Every experience is a key to your purpose, every talent a tool for your purpose. Each life a natural built-in reason for being. Purpose is the creative spirit of life moving through you from the inside out. It is the deep mysterious dimension in each soul, which carries with it a profound intuitive sense of personal identity."
The Keys of Jeshua, "The Soul's Purpose"

Once you can clearly understand the value of who you are you will truly appreciate your life."
Greg Neville N.D.






A very WARM WELCOME to you...

bliss_on_the_beach_01NZ stands for Neue Zeit which means New Time.  We offer New Time Health Retreats for Detox, Depression and Anxiety, Time Out, Stress Relief ... with the goal of starting to get better ... of becoming more free in areas of life that are feeling stuck or difficult ... to search for clarity about life direction and purpose ... for physical and emotional healing ... to learn ways of releasing past trauma  ... to detoxify the Body and Mind ... how you can make changes to your diet and lifestyle that support your well being ... to move into greater freedom, peace and ease ... and to learn the appreciation of living life, even when we are faced with huge challenges, e.g., serious illness, relationship issues, abuse, financial problems, health concerns, and other challenges and injustices prevalent in these days and times for many people who can no longer ignore that these things are happening in their lives or the lives of those they love ...

Neue Zeit Health Retreats are facilitated at a private and confidential venue in Northland, Aotearoa (commonly known as New Zealand), closest to Whangarei airport. It is important for many guests to be reassured that the venue and retreat is absolutely confidential and we take all possible measures to meet this important requirement. 

Individual Holistic Health Retreats designed to uplift the mind, body and soul...

The focus of our retreats is to share information and education, provide you with tools and resources, helping you discover who you really are, to assist you in building upon your existing wisdom and to facilitate experiences that can empower you to make decisions and take action for improving your health and well being ... in an atmosphere of acceptance and recognition of you as the valuable man or woman you are. 

Live in 7-28 days ...

We offer to you high quality personalised treatments and therapies - one live in guest at a time.

We focus on private and confidential retreats with high quality personalised treatments and therapies.  As we take only one guest on retreat at a time, this allows us to tailor your retreat to your specific requirements and to adjust any of the existing programmes we have to allow for this.

We offer the following Health Retreats...

Detox Health Retreats

a 14 day detox programme using a herbal detox preparation and a range of treatments and therapies to support a thorough Body and Mind detox. This retreat is for people of at least average health. More...

Liver and Gallbladder Flush Retreats

a shorter term detox retreat to help detox your body and mind simultaneously or extend this retreat into a 2 week one - especially suitable if coming in relationship to emotional health and learning more about becoming more free from anxiety, depression, stress, addictions, etc. (Currently unavailable).

Depression Health Retreats

options of 7, 14 or 21 day programmes with follow up where we work with our guest to find what may be present in their belief system that could have led to depression, educate them in how they may make changes to their thinking and belief systems to help overcome depression and psychological stress with a range of supportive treatments and therapies.  More...

Anxiety Health Retreats

options of 7, 14 or 21 day programmes with follow up where we work with our guest to find out what may be present in their thinking and belief systems that may have led to anxiety, educate them in how they can make changes in their thinking and belief systems to help overcome anxiety and psychological stress with a range of supportive treatments and therapies.  More...

Stress Relief Retreats

options of a 7 or 14 day programme with follow up.  Find out how we relate to psychological stress when we experience it?  How do we come through it? How can we neutralise it and learn and grow from it?  How can we once again hold an appreciation for life and the events that we encounter along the way?  More...

Time Out Health Retreats

a 7 day time out style retreat with treatments and therapies to energise you and bring more appreciation back into everyday life and living. (Currently unavailable)

Our Depression, Anxiety and Stress Relief Health Retreats have the one major goal of educating you in what causes psychological stress and how it may be neutralised, and providing you with resources that can upgrade your belief systems to ones that support you and your life.  The programmes in these two health retreats also may be applied to people with addictions, past or present trauma, sexual or physical abuse, illness, etc ...

If your current budget doesn’t allow for any of these retreats, and you feel from your heart that they could be very beneficial for you, please contact us by email.  We are happy to discuss possibilities with you that may reduce the amount, however the setting venue and nature of the retreat will vary from our regular retreats.  We aim to make retreats possible for more people, especially those who genuinely want to come and finances have not allowed them to do so in the past.

Unfortunately, to date, there is no funding or subsidies available for attending our retreats and we cannot offer work exchange or volunteer programmes due to our commitment to one guest at a time.

Without prejudice

The facilitators are...

natural living, breathing, sentient, flesh and blood people with life experiences, having gained professional qualifications (a Bachelors degree in Metaphysical Sciences, A Bachelors degree in Counselling and a Diploma in Counselling, A Certificate in Traditional Herbal Medicine) which we recognise as only contributing to our development as people, but by no means the essence of what we do or who we are.  That has more to do with our intention of connecting with people for their highest good. In being dedicated volunteers for NZ (Neue Zeit/New Time) Health Retreats, funds are raised for humanitarian projects which improve peoples' lives including ours on a personal level and helps with the social/economic environment we live in, with the intention of benefitting all people.  Our values are based upon love, truth, integrity, ethics, honesty and compassion.

We have put our programmes together based on our learning, research and experience in bringing treatments, therapies (and therapists) and teachings together in such a way we believe gives our guests the greatest opportunity to improve their lives.

Our commitment to you is to facilitate a Health Retreat Programme that is suited to your specific requirements and that provides you with the tools and experiences needed to grow into a state of more appreciation for your life and how it unfolds.

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Live - Love - Laugh