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Hi everybody.


We will be back in New Zealand from the 10th June so if you are considering a retreat with us or have been on our website before and perhaps had reservations about visiting Malaysia for a retreat, you may contact us now. We are now taking bookings so if you would like to talk to us in the first instance about a retreat option for yourself or someone close to you, contact us now so we may connect with you soon.

In more urgent situations, please do consider where we are now in Malaysia. We have been here now for two months and it is quite an interesting and diverse place.

So for the whole month of May 2017 we are still facilitating private and confidential health retreats on the tropical and exotic Langkawi Island, Malaysia. It is important for many guests to be reassured that the venue and retreat is absolutely confidential and that we as always only take one guest at a time.

We may be able to discuss reimbursements of part of the travel costs if required and if you decide to come for a retreat for at least two weeks of May. Air Asia offers very good deals from Auckland to Langkawi via Kuala Lumpur. It may be a wonderful opportunity to combine a health retreat programme and at the end have some additional time for relaxation, sightseeing and integration. For this we may be able to offer some additional days at much reduced daily rates.

The property is a gated private property on the beach front with a swimming pool.  We will be able to include some extra massages or reflexology as part of the retreat cost for you as time allows. Langkawi Island is a safe place to visit and although the town supply of water is clean and chlorinated and we have filters on the water supply we buy in our water for cooking and drinking. It is hot and humid so please be aware of that and means a fair bit of sweating in a good way. We have ceiling fans and your room will have air conditioning.

We would love to welcome you to consider this retreat option and venue outside of New Zealand at the moment or we can talk more about venues and dates for when we are back in New Zealand after the 12th June.
We are looking forward to hearing from you to discuss a retreat option in the first instance by telephone or Skype.

Please use the contact form below and include a contact telephone number, preferably a land line or skype contact and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Telephone number from New Zealand (09) 889 8085 (from countries other than New Zealand +64 9 889 8085)

The most reliable and efficient way to contact us is through the contact form above.  We are using a New Zealand Skype phone number. If we are not available to answer your phone call, please leave a message or contact us by email through the contact form above.  Please let us know your land line telephone number or skype contact address.  Many thanks.

Neue Zeit Health Retreats are confidential and currently facilitated from a private venue in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Conversations with us, completion of a pre-visit guest questionnaire and a non-refundable bank deposit for your retreat are required before we confirm your booking.  If your retreat is to be booked within 7 days prior to your arrival, full payment may be required once you feel comfortable about the retreat going ahead.

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