About me,

and what are NZ Health Retreats about?

Please Note.

Breathwork, The Journey and Life Coaching, the main NZ Health Retreat therapies are now available here online with me, contact me for more information and just an informal chat first or book a session.

As offering physical retreats became impossible a couple of years ago, a new focus emerged for me. I moved most of my offerings and support and therapies online now. Instead of coming to a retreat many people were able to start working with me from their own homes, reducing the budget, allowing payment plans I was not able to offer before but also allowing for more flexibility in the amount of work anyone wanted to do. My retreats are sometimes hard work and so are my online sessions.

If you are interested to discuss or learn more about my online Life Coaching and “The Journey” Therapy and Breathwork please contact me through the contact me page or call me and leave a message on my phone number you can find on the contact me page as well.

My pricing are on a sliding scale based on the value you received, the amount you feel a session is worth to you and what you can afford. It normally starts at NZ$100 to 150 per 1 1/2 hour to 2 hour session and based on you abundance and generosity and can go up to any amount you feel you would like to contribute towards my ability to share more of this information and therapies with more people who are so stressed, anxious, depressed, abused or traumatized or just really unwell.

Its an amazing journey of personal development for the people I work with and befriended because trust and care and love are what I am setting in place to give you full permission to explore the depth of your inner workings in a safe environment.

I do a lot more Breathwork Life coaching combination sessions online now as they tend to go hand in hand. I run group zoom Breathwork sessions regulatory you can then also become part of.

The beginning of my healing or waking up was then I decided I wanted to have a better, a much better life I had then 28 years ago and said to myself… I do whatever it takes and for whatever time it takes to create this better life by learning of my dysfunction in my life and moving beyond it. Most of our healing happens by us changing our belief systems and conclusions we made which caused us so much stress and grief. To know them and to change them is a great step towards a freedom we all be longing for in some way or another.

I am offering as my main contribution to be of service to support one person at one time, in their recovery or awakening journey with online Breathwork, The Journey or Life Coaching, or a combination of them, sessions to anyone worldwide via Whatsapp or Zoom. For Breathwork I do consider couples at one time and small groups so your family members or friends can join in. They may becomes as intrigued as I was when I started 28 years ago, learning about it, it is a renewal of our inspiritness in so many applications of life if not all of life.

Most of my online clients and friends are from the US, Canada, Europe, Dubai and Australia as I met them in person originally at a retreat center in Ecudaor I recently stayed in for 6 months. I know meeting in person is different then just online but it is nowadays the next best thing and opens door to supporting people I otherwise never would have a the chance to support.

If you are interested to learn more about it or just have a chat first or book an online session with me please contact me through the contact page, giving your name and a contact number which is ideally connected with Telegram or Whatsapp. Looking forward hearing from you soon. It has been a journey for me as well believe me and it its still ongoing.

My short term goal is to offer initially more of a online retreat alternative as I will be traveling and living in other countries regularly for my own education and expansion of considering other modalities which are emerging more and more in the plant medicine field and its application for healing trauma, PTSD, grief and sexual abuse and many other deep seated psychological issues in mental unhealth. Stress is a mental unhealth condition.

Hi everyone.  the retreat programmes mentioned in this website are still available but are based now on availability and on special request. Most of my offerings are now online as it opens a door of uninterrupted support for you in case I am overseas.

Welcome, my name is Peter and I will be your …

Retreat Programme Facilitator, Educator, Breathworker, Journey Therapist, Counsellor and Life Coach  all in ONE,

if you decide to come and participate in one of my retreats I have been offering for many years now here in New Zealand.

Although I have some qualifications from “professional” study it has been life and living itself with all its challenges and hardships that has been my greatest teacher. Just as it was for me, I have found that most people who become involved in the teaching of personal development, or offer holistic therapies or treatments to others often had some event or trauma themselves which triggered for them to seek out ways to get better and now want to share what they found with everyone who is interested and ready.

My main reason for doing what I do here is to share with you all I have learned and tools I gathered in my last 28 years on my own personal healing journey. It is the essence itself and what made such a huge difference in my life on all levels and in that I want to help and support you to go through your transformation and return to a knowing of who you really are. For you to come back into an alignment with your unique soul purpose, the life you meant to live and to help heal what is coming up at the moment which needs your attention so to make your  life worth while for yourself and so much more easier and fun than perhaps ever before and to be able to relate to and accept life as it presents itself to you from then on, one breath at one time.

That will partly involve me guiding you in taking  a deep and honest review of your present and often unaware belief system and priorities, the effects of social conditioning and traumatic events you had in your life and all the psychological stress and dis-ease which often followed and may still be present and to do whatever needs doing for you to get better.

I consider myself as a natural living man with life experiences, having gained professional qualifications (a Bachelors degree in Metaphysical Sciences) which I recognise as only contributing to my development as a person, but by no means defines  what I do or who I am.  I am a dedicated volunteer for NZ (Neue Zeit/New Time) Health Retreats, from which funds are raised with the intention to make a difference in my own way and to the best of my abilities.  My values are based upon love, truth, integrity, ethics, honesty and compassion.

So what are NZ health retreats about?

In short, I have put these retreat programmes together based on my own learning, research and experience in bringing treatments, therapies and teachings together in such a way I believe gives you the greatest opportunity to improve your life and well-being and to address the goals for your retreat you came with.

With much respect to anyone big enough as a man or woman to seek out high quality help and support in times when it matters most.