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What are NZ Health Retreats about?

nz health retreats about
What are NZ Health Retreats about?

My name is Peter and my own personal experiences have caused me to search for and find ways that bring true and lasting healing.  Although I have qualifications from “professional” study it has been life that has been my greatest teacher.  Regarding retreats, my main role has been to help people go through transformation and return to knowing who they really are, what their value is and come into alignment with their unique soul purpose.  This involves a process of waking up to the illusion within the self and nourishing the self with the truth of who we are.  It involves taking  a deep and honest review of ones world views, the effects that social conditioning has in ones life and how to undo it and find a new way of life when in the past it has led to psychological stress and dis-ease.

I like to get to know people and work with what they already have, their own innate gifts, talents and knowledge.  There is always a lot more than people know.   It is about connecting with people for their and my highest good.  This is a way of life I have, so it is extended to guests, visitors and friends who come into my life and wish to share with me.

We are entering into a time of completely different way of being.  Society as we think we know it and the present systems are outdated and do not work anymore, maybe never worked and maybe never meant to work.  I believe now it is time for people to return to love and live truthfully.  This means exposing the areas in our life that are blocked, are not working, are in conflict and freeing ourselves, finding out more about how to free ourselves from the oppression so strongly felt in western society.  It takes a lot of courage and it is an incredible opportunity and task to heal our fears.  By allowing ourselves to enter into our own perceived darkness and feel it, connecting to it through our breath, it will allow it to be exposed for what it is, and transform it back into health and well being.

My awareness is such that I am convinced that people are now needing to learn some of the basics of living again, sharing in a community focus where we share resources of growing food, clean, environmentally friendly technology.  This is what we need to grow into, however it is still a concept and although my desire is to be a part of this, I am yet to experience it.  It involves major changes to belief systems.  People all bring different contributions into the formation of a community.  I can bring in tools and resources to help people transform and gain a greater appreciation of life, and share in some of the practical aspects of creating community.  I would also like to train people as retreat facilitators who teach Transforming Breathwork, become life coaches and perhaps Journey therapists, depending on their own soul purpose and whether they are suited to it.  There are many areas of community that people can contribute in and opportunities for people to do what they love to do and not what they feel they have to do in order to survive in the world as we currently know it.

Global and economic changes may affect us all and mean lifestyle change and different priorities need to align with it.   There will be a lot of adjustments to be made in this and that is great and will stimulate so much creativity amongst us from different views and ideas and to bring them all together where the common goal may be good for all.

We are in for great change and I see more and more my role in helping people transition into it.  The global economic shake up will continue to challenge people’s belief systems and safety and securities and not being able to see any long term goal can make the here and now seem helpless and hopeless at times so we need to be able to connect with the greater perspective, the eagles view and hang in together through times of chaos.

We all have the ability to access love and truth and by letting go of fear and illusion it strengthens this ability.  You could say that the illusion is or at least feels very real.

I see the retreats I offer and me as being more and more involved with the potential to co-create together in very loving and compassionate ways of being that will affect the whole.  As we realise ourselves and everybody else as beings of 100% value with a unique contribution to the whole, we activate healing for ourselves and others.

I, myself am in transition.  My past retreats have focused a lot on mind and body detoxification, stress relief, recovering from depression and anxiety and psychological stress.  My guests have participated in healing trauma from the past that has influenced their lives.  They have learnt  how to apply tools that make a difference to their everyday life and how to live with more appreciation through challenging times as well as easier times.  This focus is fundamentally not changing, however, the underlying issues of my past guests may have been stress, anxiety and depression relating to past emotional trauma, however I want now to also recognise this as well as what is happening in the present time being the social, economic, political and environmental impacts on the world on individual people and where we might fit in taking part in to bring about a new way of being and a new way to relate to it.  Through being energy bodies in a larger energy body we have direct effects on each other.

Life events have opened my eyes up to the illusions that are prevalent in society.  The earth is changing rapidly now and more high frequency energy is increasing.  It doesn’t resonate with this old way of doing life.  I help people to wake up to this in an empowered way.  I encourage people to find and maintain the higher loving way of being and to cleanse the fear and anger associated with the oppression that the majority of us will be experiencing to some extent now and even more in the future temporarily.  I encourage and support the awareness of what there is that needs to be exposed, to access the fear or anger that is there so that it can be transformed back into health and that might mean to take a stand and be heard and seen.

Where there is fear, it needs to be healed and this builds love.  Where there is illusion, it can be exposed and allow us to live truthfully.  Combining these two empowers our creativity to live from our unique soul purpose truthfully and with love.  This is how we grow and learn, then teach and share.

I am a natural living, breathing, sentient, flesh and blood man with life experiences, having gained professional qualifications (a Bachelors degree in Metaphysical Sciences), I recognise as only contributing to my development a person, but by no means the essence of what I do or who I am.  That has more to do with my intention of connecting with people for their highest good. In being a dedicated volunteer for NZ (Neue Zeit/New Time) Health Retreats, funds are raised for humanitarian projects which improve peoples’ lives including mine on a personal level and helps with the social/economic environment we live in, with the intention of benefiting all people.  My values are based upon love, truth, integrity, ethics, honesty and compassion.

So what are NZ health retreats about?

I have put these programmes together based on my learning, research and experience in bringing treatments, therapies (and therapists) and teachings together in such a way I believe gives my guests the greatest opportunity to improve their lives.

My roles: Retreat Facilitator, Educator, Breathworker, Journey Therapist, Counsellor and Life Coach.

In love, truth and simplicity