Detox Health Retreat

detox health retreat
Fruit smoothies to support a detox health retreat

Bring back more vitality and energy by cleansing your body and mind with a Detox Health Retreat….

Your Detox Health Retreat

A retreat designed for people of at least average health.  If unwell, I recommend a 28 day programme.  Please feel welcome to talk to me about how I may tailor this for you.  (It is recommended to consult with a naturopath or trained health practitioner that is supportive of natural health and wellness).

Live-In Detox Health Retreats are individually designed to bring together high quality, treatments and therapies which encourage the body to eliminate toxins and the mind to transform thought patterns into more life affirming ones.

I cater for one residential guest at a time.  It is a personalised individual retreat focused on detoxifying the body and mind. You live in with me and I am available at all times.  I provide you with a supporting detoxifying diet for the herbal detox I use on this retreat. I will be doing the herbal detox part with you at the same time.

Your Detox Health Retreat includes a range of activities and therapies to assist you including

  • Life coaching with the one major goal of providing you with an education on what causes psychological stress (toxicity) and what can neutralise psychological stress (toxicity).  This is based on the teachings of Greg Neville N.D.
  • Transforming Breathwork to help release past emotional trauma resulting from life experiences which may still be causing you psychological stress (toxicity).  Bringing them to the surface will assist in allowing new information to be integrated into your mind and body.
  • The Journey” sessions are emotional healing sessions that bring forth from your subconscious mind and into your conscious awareness the relevant issues and past memories which still cause unknown psychological stress and toxicity in your body in mind.  This guided process is done in a safe and self observing way.  The results can be remarkable with change starting to happen straight away and further improving over time.  (I recommend you read the book prior to arrival although it is not necessary.  The name of the book is, “The Journey” by Brandon Bays.  Most major book stores have this book available).
  • Full body massages.  These are remedial massages to support detoxifying your physical body and relaxation.
  • Exercise.  It is important to take part in exercise that suits your current health level while you are on retreat.  I encourage yoga classes and walking.

Your retreat is all about you and I encourage you to focus only on you. Inform your family and friends that you are away on retreat and not available during that time.

I provide vegetarian food specific to a detox programme and do our best to accommodate any other dietary needs and preferences. We may ask you to help with this if you have highly specialised dietary requirements.

My involvement is of the nature of mentor, guide, coach, facilitator, supporter and teacher and it is in this function I specialise in. I am quite friendly and laugh a lot. I create a safe and supportive environment in which you can experience emotional and deep level healing and personal development while detoxifying.

My offering to you is comprised of a holistic, multi-faceted approach supporting your detoxification experience.

Detox Health Retreat Programme

Detox Health Retreat

Duration: 14 days / 14 nights

This Detox Health Retreat includes:

  • Accommodation – own room with queen or double sized bed.  All meals.  Local Outings.  Airport and bus terminal transfers.  Transport to and from outings.
  • At some time during your retreat, I can arrange an optional outingretreat_wow_factor_experience_400 that creates the “Wow” factor for you, e.g. skydiving, nature walks, visiting tourist attractions in the area, etc. (These activities come as an extra cost and are subject to seasons, weather and availability). I can discuss this when you make your booking.  The photo shows one of my guests experiencing the Wow Factor. What is your Wow Factor?
  • 5 (minimum) Life Coaching Sessions
  • 6 (minimum) Transforming Breathwork sessions
  • 1 or 2 “The Journey” therapy sessions
  • 3 Full body massages
  • 1 Ultimate Herbal Detox Package to be taken over 10 days while on retreat with me if you are at least of average health.  (If unwell, it is recommended to be taken over 25 days and be in touch with a naturopath or trained health practitioner that is supportive of natural health and wellness).
  • Exercise appropriate to your current level of fitness.
  • Exfoliating dry brush
  • Diet to support detoxification (fresh fruit and raw vegetables, smoothies, vegetable soups, salads, homemade fruit juices, homemade vegetable juices, herbal teas, herbs and spices and pure water).
  • Regular follow up calls for up to three months (upon agreement).  I recognise it to be extremely important to have easy access to support once you go back into the environment you came from just to help guide you and answer some of the questions that are likely to come up in relationship to what you have learnt and experienced and how to apply it in your life.

Value towards your Personal Development and Appreciation of Living: $13,000 NZ

If you decide to add other treatments and therapies after your arrival I will do my best to organise it for you so long as it does not encroach on your existing programme.

What to bring

  • Walking shoes (2 pairs as one may get wet)
  • Light sports wear
  • Rain jacket
  • Comfortable clothing for both warm and cooler weather
  • Toiletries
  • Swimwear
  • Slippers for inside
  • A journal or paper and pen

Retreat Guidelines

Mobile phones are not to be used while on retreat.  I can receive urgent or important messages on your behalf.  If you do bring a mobile phone, i-pad or computer, I will look after it for you and return it before you leave).  An exception for any urgent or important matters can be made and time set aside for that purpose.

Leaving the premises is to be arranged with me.

Respectful communication.  The aim is to communicate as honestly and openly about anything that helps me to help you.

There will be no access to watching television or listening to radio during your visit, however I do make selected DVD’s available for your viewing.

Things not to bring or purchase during your visit:

  • Cigarettes – this could be an opportunity (if you are a smoker) to give them up.  If you cannot possibly go without them you may smoke cigarettes outdoors as infrequently as possible.
  • Non-prescription drugs and/or alcohol
  • I-pods
  • Magazines and books (unless relevant and supportive of your retreat).  Please ask me if you are unsure.
  • Preferably, no mobile phones, i-pads or computers.

I am a compassionate man and easy to get along with.  I do recognise that changing your present lifestyle can be difficult and you may encounter some feelings of withdrawal from substances, people or routines.  I am here to support you so you can dedicate the time you spend with me entirely to your retreat programme and your goals.

detox health retreat

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