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Welcome and you made it to the contact me page. I am here to help.

My Telephone number calling from within New Zealand (09) 889 8085 (from countries other than New Zealand +64 9 889 8085), please leave a detailed message or use the contact form provided below on this page.

Your are one step closer to receiving real assistance in what you are experiencing right now or what you may need most. We all need help at different times in our life, we all do. It is always then a time and opportunity for great transformation.

It may feel a little scary or uneasy for some to contact me and I would say that to be very normal and expected but please be assured that there is absolutely no obligation to book a retreat when we first make contact but more a getting to know each other a little more to see if my retreat programmes are the most suitable for you. It is all about you for me so that may mean you just wanted to talk to someone and that is perfectly fine with me. I am here to help you in the best way I can and if giving some advise or recommendations to you is all you contacted me for, that is perfectly fine.

I know from offering retreats now for 13 years that it can take courage for some people to seek help, it is an affirmation that we may still have something to learn we yet do not know, our whole life is about learning new things. My retreats are providing such a learning platform which is tailored to help you with what you struggle most with. The reason I offer retreats is because of my own personal journey and challenges I faced and what I have learned and encountered from just calling out for help and everything changed after that. I offer you all I found very helpful on my journey so you can learn in a short time what took me years to discover.

The initial contact from you may just be to find out more about the retreat programmes, what happens in a retreat, the prices (which are given in each retreat category), how privacy is handled, how long is a good time to come for a retreat with your situation or condition, where is the retreat going to be held and other questions you may have. It is best to answer this in person via phone or skype call.  I get to hear what is happening for you at the moment and why you are considering a retreat. If you still prefer to be in communicate by email that is fine as well.

Please use the contact form below and remember to include a contact telephone number, preferably a land line or skype contact and I will contact you as soon as possible. If you have only a mobile number like most people now we can arrange a time to connect so please include it in this form.

Please input the code from above

My Telephone number calling from within New Zealand (09) 889 8085 (from countries other than New Zealand +64 9 889 8085)

The most reliable and efficient way to contact me is through the contact form above.  I am using a New Zealand Skype phone number. If I am not available to answer your phone call when you call, please leave a detailed message and an email address. If you do not leave a message I will not call you back but may txt you only for privacy reason. Otherwise contact me by email through the contact form above.  Please let me know your land line or mobile telephone number or skype contact address either way.  Looking forward talking with you soon.

Neue Zeit Health Retreats are private and confidential and are held in different venues in Northland between Whangarei and Northern Parts of the Bay of Islands.

Conversations with me, completion of a pre-visit guest health questionnaire, another conversation with me to fine tune dates and duration of your retreat and to answer any other questions you may have and a non-refundable bank deposit for your retreat are required before I can confirm your booking.  If your retreat is to be booked within 7 days prior to your arrival, full payment may be required once you know the retreat is going ahead.

Important Update

I may consider shorter 5 days in length retreat options, please contact me for more information.