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Feel free to call me now from within New Zealand at (09) 889 8085 (from countries other than New Zealand +64 9 889 8085). If you get the answerphone please leave a detailed message with your phone number or use the contact form provided below on this page. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Hi and welcome to NZ Health Retreats website.

I am presently in South America and moving to Central America at the end of September. I will be looking to offer NZ ( Neue Zeit- New Time) Health Retreats from there soon. I came here to investigate the benefits of plant medicine like Ayuahuasca and San Pedro mainly in assisting people with depression, anxiety and addictions. I worked the last six months in a support role for guests at the retreat center in Ecuador where people from all over the world come to for 7 to 12 days because of its very high reputation and lower costs to deliver plant medicines and the quality of shamans performing the ceremonies.

One of my main focuses there was to offer plant medicine preparation and integration support via pre and post ceremony breathwork group workshops and individual private sessions.

One of the guest here set up an Instagram link for me for people to see me but more so read the first testimonials I received so far for my work. 

I am offering as my main contribution to make the world a better place to support one person at one time, in their recovery or awakening journey with online breathwork sessions to anyone worldwide via Whatsapp. I do consider couples at one time and small groups.

My pricing is on a sliding scale and can vary on someones situation but will be in the range between US$45 to US$90 per a 1 1/2 hour session for one on one or couple sessions. Group sessions can be negotiated but will range from US$10 to US$30 per person depending on group size.

If you are interested to learn more about it or just have a chat first or book an online session with me please contact me through the contact page, giving your name and a contact number which is ideally connected with Telegram or Whatsapp. Looking forward hearing from you soon. It has been a journey for me as well believe me.

Furthermore I will be offering online “The Journey” Process and “Life Coaching” as I used to do through my past retreat work.

My short term goal is to offer a online retreat alternative with soon also a physical retreat program which can include plant medicine in a retreat center setting in Central America. It sounds like far away to travel to but once you come here you may fall in love with it as a holiday destination or even a place to live some day.

My retreat programmes as advertised here are not available in New Zealand until further notice.

The Top 12 Reasons

for attending and choosing my retreat programs according to my guests has been,

  • that I only have on guest at one time
  • privacy and that all information from my guests collected during the retreat are burned or destroyed to celebrate a new beginning at the end of the retreat
  • a self -empowering holistic approach to health and wellness
  • 24/7 support and attendance all throughout the retreat
  • unconventional and non clinic approach to stress and psychological issues using  an unique style and combination of Life Coaching, Breathwork and The Journey Therapy and more
  • feeling very comfortable and safe with me right from when we make first contact
  • synchronicities like being available to offer a retreat just when it was needed most, perfect timing
  • embracing also a personal and spiritual development aspect in the retreat program
  • no distractions from other guests like in many conventional group or peer support retreat setting
  • a safe space to explore the past and associated traumas, abuse and grief
  • to leave the pressures of home or professional life and to come to a nurturing environment
  • to really take time out for oneself after years of looking after and taking care of everyone else

Your first contact requires no other commitment from you then curiosity, desire and discovery of how suitable my retreat programmes are for your needs and goals for coming.

The initial contact from you may just be to find out more about the retreats personal development programmes, how it can help you, what happens in a retreat, how privacy is handled, how long is a good time to come for a retreat with your situation or condition, where is the retreat going to be held and other questions you may have. It is best to answer this in person via phone or skype call.  I get to hear what is happening for you at the moment and why you are considering a retreat. If you still prefer to be in communication by email first that is fine as well of course.

Please use the contact form below and remember to include a contact telephone number, mobile or land line or skype name and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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    My Telephone number calling from within New Zealand (09) 889 8085 (from countries other than New Zealand +64 9 889 8085), please leave a detailed message with your phone number or use the contact form provided above on this page.

    Neue Zeit Health Retreats are private and confidential. Talk to you soon.