Life Coaching Sessions

Life coaching sessions – a part of NZ Health Retreat Programmes

life coaching at nz health retreats
Life coaching sessions. You are 100% valuable. This value can never be compromised.

This series of Life Coaching is based upon the teachings of Greg Neville ND who has spent over 20 years researching the emotional links to disease and what our body is trying to communicate to us through physical symptoms, stress, anxiety and depression. This is a structured process working with you in the most intuitive and holistic way possible and suited to your unique circumstances and understanding of yourself.

This is a purposeful series of Life Coaching and is based on gaining understanding about how our psychological well being directly affects our physical and mental health.  Sessions are based on the understanding that there are specific psychological triggers that cause health conditions and there are also ways of undoing or neutralising them with the aim to restore health and well being.

During your Life Coaching sessions I use a method to find out what existing beliefs systems you have that may be causing psychological stress and your current health conditions.  I provide education on what causes depression, anxiety and psychological stress and health conditions.

I address the causes of psychological stress from belief systems that are currently common in society and explore how these belief systems effect our lives.

Correcting belief systems that cause stress is what leads to more happiness and appreciation as life unfolds, even when times are difficult and more challenging.

I also will be looking into other aspects of life and offer you suggestions that may be of assistance to you regarding lifestyle, diet, physical health, extra support that you may find helpful on your journey into a greater appreciation of life.

The Journey” therapy and Transforming Breathwork” can greatly speed up the process of making the required changes in your mind and body that in turn bring about a greater appreciation of living and make it easier, bringing relief more quickly and effectively.

My aim is that you will gain understanding in what can reduce your psychological stress and mental and physical health problems, and that you will also gain appreciation of your true value and understand how vital your contribution is in this world – 100% valuable – no compromise.

“Your body is a complete representation of life as you know it, all of your views and concerns.  Study your disease and your body will guide you to the thoughts in need of attention.”

Greg Neville ND