Therapies Overview

Treatments and Therapies

Treatments and therapies contribute to your whole healing experience while on retreat and with the goal of producing lasting effects once you leave.  Programmes may be altered and tailored more to your requirements depending on what you are coming for and what your goals are.

All retreats include “Transforming Breathwork” sessions.  If you have never done this before, there is no real way I can explain the experience of it.  It needs to be experienced itself.  Breathing is often overlooked because while we are alive, we are doing it all the time.  It’s just the quality and the depth that will vary from person to person.  How we breathe is directly proportional to how we are experiencing and appreciating life, so to work with the breath and learn how we can use it in all of life is a valuable key to the enjoyment of one’s future regardless of what may happen in life.

My specific type of Life Coaching is also very valuable as it gives a way of exploring your current belief systems and finding out what causes psychological stress (leading to dis-ease in the body).  It is a purposeful form of life coaching that gives real, easy to understand answers and solutions to your current concerns and worries.

The Journey Therapy (by Brandon Bays) has given many people who have come to my retreats a breakthrough.  I have had experienced these personal breakthroughs myself.

I may also incooperate extra treatments and therapies into most programmes and where appropriate and is also depending on what you are coming on retreat for and what your goals are for your retreat.  These may include:

  • Positive Excitement Exploration
  • Meditation (with a body, mind and breath awareness)
  • Building a healing workshop in your mind
  • Introduction to muscle testing
  • Follow up support once you get home to help you adapt and integrate what you have learnt and planned to change into your lifestyle (regular phone calls upon agreement)

All programmes will have one or more massages included into their programme and for that purpose a mobile massage therapist will be invited to come to the venue or alternatively if unavailable I can take you to a close by massage therapy clinic.